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Enabling next generation biochemical assays with unprecedented speed and reliability in a true high-throughput manner

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Cambridge Biomagnetics Ltd. (CBM) aims to provide a range of solutions to enable next generation biochemical assays with unprecedented speed and reliability in a true high-throughput manner. CBM is utilising its platform technology for magnetically encoding vast numbers of chemical and biological compounds for a plethora of applications in clinical diagnostics, drug discovery, proteomics and genomics. The company is also developing advanced, low cost, portable, multi-analyte biosensors for multiplexed screening in the health care, chemical, biodefence and forensic industries. In summary, CBM will utilise its unique solid state magnetic technology to offer truly integrated “lab-on-a-chip” devices.

Our generic digital encoding technology offers the benefit of customising products depending on the applications the end users require. It is a disruptive alternative to the microarray technology (the current state-of-the-art in the biochemical assay industry) and it is based on miniaturised digital magnetic tags that can be used for suspension-based assays. By utilising the unique inherent ability of the magnetic tags to write and store information during the synthesis of chemical probes, magnetically encoded chemical libraries can be synthesised (for instance, by combinatorial chemistry methods) for use in massively parallel screening of billions of target compounds. Such potential is extremely valuable to drug discovery research, enabling the screening of previously unimaginable numbers of potential drug candidates in a single experiment. Furthermore, the potential of the technology to scale to billions of unique codes, can be utilised for personalised whole genome sequencing.

CBM’s near term strategy is to develop a range of miniaturised magnetic lab-on-a-chip devices combining microfluidic channels with advanced magnetic sensors and enter into partnerships with established chemical and pharmaceutical companies to implement its market introduction policy. We are continuously trying to identify markets and applications that can be addressed with our generic encoding technology and are actively seeking collaborations with companies for the development of a wider range of products. At the same time the company is identifying high value applications that will warrant the development of complete products and also provide service and support for end users. Our vision is to grow the company into a major biotechnology corporation, primarily by organic growth, but also by partnerships with major players in the relevant industries.


The two founders have a deep knowledge of the various multiplexed assay technologies. They have presented their vision and the business case for CBM at various national and international events.

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We envisage a miniaturised magnetic lab-on-a-chip device comprising microfluidic channels and magnetic sensors to encode and decode digital magnetic microtags.


We aim to penetrate the market for products and services in high throughput screening as used in the pharmaceutical industry for drug discovery and development ($600M) and in industrial chemistry and biotechnology for the development of synthetic chemicals such as catalysts, polymers, etc ($3B).

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